Cicero Associates and Consultants Private Limited is an independent, non-partisan survey research and opinion polling firm of merit headquartered in New Delhi, India. Founded in 2011, with a quality driven approach to empirical research, Cicero has conducted nearly one million face-to-face interviews across the length and breadth of India in the last 8 years of its journey. We have worked with a diverse clientele ranging from leading agencies and universities in North America and Europe to political parties and individual politicians to media houses and corporates.


  • Delhi SWOT Poll (Waves I – V)
  • Delhi Post-Poll
  • NDTV-Cicero Delhi Post-Poll (No response study)
  • Political Attitudes on Skin Colour Survey Experiment


  • Chattarpur Assembly Constituency Barometer
  • Delhi Issues Study
  • Gurgaon Parliament Constituency Barometer (Waves I and II)
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State Andhra Pradesh Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State Bihar Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State Delhi Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State Maharashtra Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State Tamil Nadu Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State Uttar Pradesh Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero-Battle Ground State West Bengal Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero Varanasi Poll
  • India Today-Cicero All India Post Poll
  • India Today-Cicero Exit Poll
  • Haryana Constituency Barometer (All 90 Assembly Constituencies). 
  • Haryana SWOT Poll
  • India Today-Cicero Maharashtra Pre Poll
  • India Today-Cicero – Maharashtra Exit Poll
  • Mainpuri Parliament Constituency Barometer
  • India Today-Cicero Jharkhand Exit Poll
  • India Today-Cicero Jharkhand Post Poll


  • Sadar Bazar Assembly Constituency Barometer
  • India Today-Cicero Bihar Pre Poll (Waves I and II)
  • India Today-Cicero Bihar Exit Poll
  • India Today-Cicero Bihar Post Poll
  • India Today-Cicero – Mood of the Nation; Rounds 1 and 2
  • India Today-Cicero Nationwide Snap poll
  • India Today-Cicero; Delhi pre-poll; Rounds 1, 2 and 3
  • India Today-Cicero Delhi Snap Poll
  • India Today-Cicero Delhi Exit Poll
  • UP  SWOT Poll


  • ABP-Cicero Uttar Pradesh Snap Poll (Waves I, II)
  • Political attitudes on Skin Color Experiment Survey
  • Tamil Nadu Assembly Post Poll
  • Uttar Pradesh Assembly Constituency Barometer (60 Assembly Constituencies) 
  • Badaun SWOT Poll
  • Hardoi Assembly Constituency Barometer 


  • Punjab Municipal Elections Post Poll Survey
  • Survey of Sarpanchs in Palwal, Haryana
  • Bhilai Naga Assembly Constituency Barometer
  • Patronage and Ethnicity Survey Experiment
  • Delhi MCD Snap Poll
  • Uttar Pradesh Post Poll


  • Bihar Health Study (Round I)
  • Madhya Pradesh Constituency Barometer (51 Assembly Constituencies)
  • Chomu Assembly Constituency Barometer 
  • MNREGA Worker’s Survey
  • Gandhinagar Assembly Constituency Barometer 


  • Vedanta-Cicero, Jharsuguda Perception Study
  • CSES-Cicero India Post Poll
  • NDTV-Cicero All India Post Poll
  • Gwalior Parliamentary Constituency Barometer (Waves I-III)
  • Guna Parliamentary Constituency Barometer (Waves I-IV)
  • Fatehgarh Sahib Parliamentary Constituency Barometer  
  • Haryana Election Barometer
  • Uttar Pradesh Constituency Barometer (22 Parliamentary Constituencies)
  • Chandni Chowk Parliamentary Constituency Barometer 
  • New Delhi Parliamentary Constituency Barometer 
  • Bihar Health Study (Round II)
  • Jind By-election Rolling Cross Section Daily Tracker Poll

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A strong commitment to quality and innovation, has seen us move from pen and paper (PAPI) based surveys to our own in-house survey application (CAPI) that has minimized errors in data collection. We also employ the latest research techniques, and in 2014 were the first to conduct a Randomized Controlled Trial in the field of political science in India.

We work with our clients right from conceptualization to implementation and design each study specific to the research questions of the client. The rigor in our methods combined with our data collection techniques suited to the diverse demography of India, give us an edge over conventional survey research firms.

We at Cicero believe that every plan, every action, every strategy must be an informed one. Employing rigorous research methods, sophisticated data collection techniques and nuanced analytics, the team at Cicero conducts exhaustive empirical studies that enable our clients to have the data required to make informed decisions and understand contexts in a holistic manner.

We follow high ethical standards in conducting surveys and research projects on public opinion, in accordance with the WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion Research) and ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) Code of Ethics. We ensure informed consent of the respondents and observe various precautions to maintain respondent confidentiality and privacy.

We share with our clients a full description of the method employed with relevant standard disclosures regarding methodology while according top priority to data security.