About Us

Cicero Associates & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. started working in 2011 with a vision to provide consulting services based on empirical research. In the last 3 years, Cicero has built a broad-based clientele ranging from members of the political fraternity and media houses in India to agencies and universities in North America and Europe conducting research in India. Our vision for our clients is customised keeping in view the client’s objectives, priorities and agendas. We strive to aggregate opinions of a population as large as this country while identifying individual trends that will help our particular client.

The team at Cicero combines unique skill sets in survey research, public opinion polling, data analysis and legislative research along with a vast experience in other disciplines of social sciences. The academic rigour in the research methods employed by Cicero gives us an edge over conventional commercial research firms. We engage some of the most sophisticated data collection methods, which, along with our analytical abilities, have always resulted in a high degree of precision.

With each project we inch closer to being not only a competitive service provider but also a research house of merit.

Cicero Associates is a quality driven organisation that draws from international best practices and conforms to rigorous protocols to ensure client satisfaction and quality assurance. In keeping with industry best practices, Cicero Associates is an independent opinion polling, survey, and research firm of merit.

Our practices dictate that we conduct all the required research, produce authentic data, maintain transparency, respect respondent confidentiality and be involved with the client from conceptualisation to implementation and analysis.

We, at Cicero, believe that every plan, every action, every strategy must be an informed one and the best way forward for that is a rigorous and exhaustive empirical study.